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How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID or Computer

In the modern era of technology, How to unlock iPhone without passcode or face ID or computer, so our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, containing a plethora of personal information and important data. But what happens when you find yourself locked out of your iPhone, unable to remember the passcode, or unable to access Face ID or a computer? Fear not, as solutions are available to regain access to your device without compromising your data or security. If you face these challenges, this article will guide you through alternative methods to unlock your iPhone.

Introduction (How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID or Computer)

We rely on our iPhones for communication, work, entertainment, and more. A locked iPhone can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re locked out without a passcode, Face ID, or computer access. Fortunately, there are alternative methods that can help you regain access to your device and get back to your digital life.

The importance of iPhone security

Before we delve into unlocking methods, it is crucial to understand the significance of iPhone security. Apple has implemented strong security measures to protect user data and privacy. While these measures are designed to protect your information, they can also make it challenging to regain access if you’re locked out.

Unlocking iPhone without Passcode, Face ID, or Computer: Is it Possible?

Yes, it is possible to unlock your iPhone without a passcode, Face ID, or a computer, but the methods may vary depending on your situation. Note that these methods are intended to help you regain access to your device and may require you to erase its contents in the process.

Method 1: Using iCloud’s Find My iPhone

If you enabled Find My iPhone before it was locked out, you can use this feature to remotely erase your device’s data and passcode. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the iCloud official website and sign in using your Apple ID credentials.
  2. Select ‘All Devices’ and then pick your locked iPhone from the list.
  3. Select the ‘Erase iPhone’ option to start the erasing process along with the passcode of the device.

Method 2: Contacting Apple Support (How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID or Computer)

Apple’s support team can help you unlock your iPhone. Prepare proof of ownership, such as the original purchase receipt, and contact Apple Support for instructions on the verification process.

Method 3: Third-party unlocking tool

There are third-party tools designed to unlock iPhones, but be careful when using them. Some tools may compromise your device’s security or cause data loss. If you decide to go this route do extensive research and choose a reputable tool.

Essential tips to prevent future lockouts

  1. Passcodes and biometrics: Set up a memorable passcode and enable Face ID or Touch ID to avoid lockouts.
  2. Use iCloud: Back up your iPhone regularly using iCloud to prevent data loss in the event of future lockouts.
  3. Apple ID Recovery: Keep your Apple ID recovery options up to date, including alternative email addresses and phone numbers.

Additional methods to unlock your iPhone

How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID or Computer - ITfy Tech

Apart from the methods mentioned earlier, there are a few other tricks you can consider to unlock your iPhone when dealing with a passcode or Face ID dilemma. These methods may require a little more effort, but they can be effective in helping you regain access to your device.

Method 4: iTunes Recovery Mode

If you have previously synced your iPhone with iTunes on a computer, you can use Recovery Mode to restore your device and bypass the passcode. Here’s how:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer you synced it with
  2. Open iTunes (or Finder in macOS Catalina and later) and wait for your device to be recognized.
  3. Force restart your iPhone: Steps vary based on your device model; Visit Apple’s official website for instructions.
  4. When prompted, select “Restore” to reset your device to factory settings.

Please note that this method erases all data on your iPhone, so make sure you have a recent backup available.

Method 5: Exploit Siri (Limited Compatibility)

This method works on some older iPhone models running certain versions of iOS. It exploits a flaw in Siri to access certain features on the device. Note that this method may not work on newer iPhone models or the latest iOS versions.

    1. Start Siri: Long press the Home button (or the Side button on recent models).
    2. Ask Siri to open an app: For example, you can say, “Open the Clock app.”
    3. Access the Clock application and navigate to the Timers section by tapping on the Timers tab.
    4. Create a new timer: Set the timer duration and then tap “When the timer ends”.
    5. Choose ‘Buy More Tones’: This action will take you to the iTunes Store.
    6. Siri will ask for your Apple ID: Tap the “Cancel” button.
    7. You will be redirected to the Clock app: from here, you can access specific device settings.

Again, this method has limitations and may not work on all devices or iOS versions.

Method 6: Apple ID Account Recovery (How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID or Computer)

If you’ve forgotten your passcode and are unable to access your iPhone, you can initiate an Apple ID account recovery process. This method allows you to reset your passcode and regain access to your device Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Apple ID account recovery page: Go to the official Apple ID website and click on “Forgot Apple ID or Password“.
  2. Input your Apple ID: Provide your email address associated with your Apple ID and proceed by selecting the ‘Continue’ option.
  3. Choose recovery method: Select the option to get account recovery instructions This can be by email, text, or by answering security questions.
  4. Follow the prompts: Depending on the recovery method you choose, you’ll receive instructions to reset your Apple ID password and, subsequently, your iPhone passcode.

Note that this method may require additional security information and requires access to the email or phone number associated with your Apple ID.

Method 7: Resetting via a trusted computer

If you regularly sync your iPhone with a trusted computer, you can use the “Reset All Settings” option to unlock your device. This method will not delete your data, but it will delete your passcode. Here’s how:

  1. Link your iPhone to a reliable computer using a USB cable
  2. Select your iPhone from the list when it becomes visible in iTunes or Finder.
  3. Choose ‘Restore iPhone’ and confirm the action.
  4. Choose the “Restore” option again to confirm and reset all settings on your device

Your iPhone will restart without a passcode, but note that you’ll need to reconfigure your settings.

Be prepared and be safe

While these methods offer options for unlocking your iPhone, prevention is the best strategy. Always make sure you remember your passcode, regularly update your Apple ID recovery options, and back up your device to iCloud. These practices will help you avoid lockouts and ensure the safety of your valuable data.


Being locked out of your iPhone can be a frustrating experience (such as How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID or Computer), but there are several methods at your disposal to regain access. From using Apple’s account recovery process to using a trusted computer to reset settings, each method has its own considerations and requirements. As you explore these options, prioritize your device security and make sure you have a backup strategy in place to protect your data.

Note that “How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID or Computer” while these methods are intended to help you unlock your device, they may compromise some aspects of your device’s security or data integrity. As technology evolves, so do the methods used by both legitimate users and potentially unauthorized individuals. Being aware and proactive will go a long way in protecting your iPhone and the information on it


Question 1: Will using the Apple ID account recovery process delete my data?

A1: No, the Apple ID account recovery process does not delete your data. This allows you to reset your passcode and regain access to your device

Question 2: Can I use the “Reset All Settings” option without a trusted computer?

A2: No, the “Reset All Settings” option requires a trusted computer that you regularly sync your iPhone with.

Question 3: What should I do if I can’t access the email or phone number associated with my Apple ID?

A3: If you are unable to access recovery methods, consider contacting Apple Support for personalized assistance.

Question 4: Can I use the “iPhone Recovery” option to unlock the stolen device?

A4: Apple’s unlocking process is designed to protect users’ data and security. If you are not the rightful owner of the device, attempting to unlock it may result in legal consequences.

Question 5: How can I avoid my iPhone being locked out in the future?

A5: Regularly update and remember your passcode, set up biometric authentication, and keep your Apple ID recovery options up to date.

Question 6: Can I use iTunes Recovery Mode without a computer?

A6: No, iTunes Recovery Mode requires a computer with iTunes (or Finder) installed.

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